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Latin American Herald Tribune/ Herald Sun

“Welcome to Palestine!” echoes through the streets as the “ajnabi”, Arabic for foreigner, take in the life of the city full of traffic, shouting street vendors and the strong aroma of coffee. Despite security warnings, it is common that after spending a few days in Israel, tourists visit the West Bank and see the reality of the place with their own eyes.

“…towering above the buzzing central market on the top floor of an apartment block is the stylish hostel ‘Area: D’ where the politically conscious travelers meet.Colorful do-it-yourself décor and comfy leather sofas create a hip and relaxing atmosphere. The open, inviting space is a welcome reprieve from the bustle of Ramallah’s streets. And the large windows offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the spectacular Abdel Nasser mosque right next door. ”


“From the windows of Area D, on the top floor of a central Ramallah high-rise, the view is astonishing. Past the fruit market and emerald-studded minarets is hilly, urban sprawl; beyond that, West Jerusalem. Psagot, a settlement, is closer.”

Condé Nast Traveller

"If you are looking for the hostel experience, Area D is your ticket. …[T]he view from the rooftop is unparalleled anywhere else in the city"

Futari Furari Blog





“L’arredamento è un misto tra l’industrial e l’etnico che fonde materiali riciclati. I comodini dei letti, ad esempio, sono delle cassette della frutta in plastica fissate al muro – e usa la toponomastica consueta a chi abbia visitato i Territori. E così al posto dell’insegna “reception” campeggia invece ironicamente la scritta “check point”

La Repubblica

“Una posizione centrale e “super partes”, che vuole in qualche modo racchiudere e riassumere le differenze e raccontare le uguaglianze. Parole d’ordine: leggerezza, semplicità, sorriso.”


"Ao ano, milhares de europeus e norte-americanos, principalmente, mas também cidadãos africanos e de países do extremo Oriente, como Japão e Coreia do Sul, reúnem-se na Palestina para conhecer o local e seus sítios arqueológicos, e igualmente para prestar solidariedade a um povo atingido por problemas sociais e desordem política"

Franffurter Allgemeine

"Während der Nahostkonflikt festgefroren wirkt, entwickelt sich das Westjordanland zum Reiseziel. Was ermutigt junge Palästinenser, in den Tourismus zu investieren?"

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Al Iqtisadi

القادم من وسط مدينة رام الله باتجاه الشارع المؤدي الى مسجد جمال عبد الناصر يلمح من بعيد لافتة حمراء كتب عليها “Area D Hostel” ،فمن قرأ اللافتة لا يستطيع ادراك معناها الا اذا جلس بداخل هذا الفندق الذي انشأ قبل عام فقط، فالفندق يروي في كل زاوية من زواياه حكاية مدينة فلسطينية مسلوبة.

World Kanno

"Staying in one of the only two hostels in the city of Ramallah, Hostel D is the perfect place for any outsider to get acquainted with Palestine.  The hostel feels more like a base for foreigners who have a genuine interest and understanding of the Palestinian plight.  There are aid workers, volunteers, journalists, veteran backpackers, Palestinians from abroad, activists, as well as foreign university students who are here studying Arabic, politics, or medicine.  The hostel is filled with books and posters related to the Palestinian- Israeli situation.  One immediately feels a sense of community and compassion with the Palestinian people here."