Our full and half-day budget tours cover political issues such as the wall and the settlements in Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps in the northern West Bank. The tours are designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of the everyday realities of Palestinian life. Check out a photo gallery of tour highlights here.

The Hostel takes guests out of Ramallah deep into the Palestinian countryside on day long tours

Tour participants getting a briefing on settlements


Please note that tour dates are generally not fixed and depend upon demand. We therefore require reservations as far in advance as possible and cannot guarantee a tour will be available on any particular day without prior communication from guests.

The following are all our current tour options:

  • Hebron reality tour: In the must-see microcosm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, our most popular tour is probably one of the most shocking tours you’ll ever take. These tours are casual and can accommodate from 1-15 people for 8 hours including transport from Ramallah. We charge from 250 NIS per person including public transportation (discounts available if there are over 4 people). If there’s time, you may see Bethlehem on the way back too. A return to Jerusalem instead of Ramallah is possible after the tour.
The hostel facilitates guided visits of Hebron, the city divided between a handful of Israeli settlers and their 300,000 Palestinian neighbors

Guests learning about the politics of Hebron


  • Qalandia refugee camp and wall tour (available again starting June 2017): Ehab will show you to this large refugee camp next to the famous Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem, as well as the wall surrounding the West Bank. He’ll explain some of its history within the broader refugee context and introduce you to older residents so they can share their experiences of displacement in 1948. The cost of the 3 hour tour is 60 NIS per person, not including an optional traditional meal with a Palestinian family in the camp (20 NIS extra).
The hostel helps facilitate tours to Bethlehem, only 1 hour from Ramallah

A famous Banksy mural in Bethlehem


  • Traditional meal with refugee family: Enjoy a great meal with a local family in Al Amari refugee camp, lasting around 2 hours for just 20 NIS per person.
Area D Hostel's tours stop to taste the local culture

Traditional Palestinian dish


  • Nablus tour: Our very own Mohammad shows you all the highlights of Nablus, one of Palestine’s largest and friendliest cities, as well as the birthplace of kanafeh (a famous Arabic cheese dessert). Stops include the famous old town, soap factories, and Samaritan village. A side visit to the neighboring Sebastia archaeological park can be included on request. The tour lasts about 6 hours and costs 200 NIS.


  • Nabi Saleh tour: This tour brings guests to the nearby village of Nabi Saleh, famous for its weekly protests against the seizure of a natural spring by the neighboring settlement of Halamish. The tour includes a mix of politics, culture, and nature, to give guests a better idea of life under occupation beyond the big cities, and lasts around 4 hours. The total cost is 100 NIS per person including lunch in the village. Reserve your spot at least one day in advance. Please note that this tour does not take place on Fridays, which are protest days and can be dangerous for tourists.
Try our budget political tours to the protest village of Nabi Saleh

Guests enjoying the view from Nabi Saleh


  • Dead Sea trip: This tour leaves the hostel at 10 and returns from the Dead Sea at 4. Cost is 100 NIS per person, not including food, which must be purchased by visitors in advance for most locations.
Area D Hostel's tours to the Dead Sea leave from Ramallah instead of Jerusalem

Weekly Dead Sea tours, only 100 NIS/person


  • Ashraf’s political tours: When not busy working for various international NGOs, Ashraf takes our guests on half- and full-day tours in the Ramallah area, covering the basics of the conflict. The cost is 100 NIS per person for the half-day tour and 200 NIS per person for the full-day tour.